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D Nicolson

Nov 20, 2023

What happened to your BAMsAway Chrome extension?

Hi Neanderling. This was the last extension from you I could find in the Chrome Web Store. I wanted to find BAMsAway, formerly at

What happened to this extremely useful Chrome extension? Is there a way to manually install it by copying files from a working installation with it? My new co-admin needs this!

Sven Andersson

Nov 20, 2020

familytreednarboretum, hur får man in det i datorn?

Hur lyckas man få in familytreednarboretum i datorn? Det har fungerat jättebra tidigare!

Laura Reich

Oct 18, 2020

DNA Arboretum

This has not worked for FTDNA now for a couple of years. Any chance on fixing it????? Please!!!! It is (was) one of the MOST useful tools!

Bengt Andersson

Dec 2, 2019

Could not use this extension on FTDNA

After update at FTDNA in Novenber 2019 is this extension not working anymore!

Anneli Ighil

Nov 20, 2019


I really miss this extension! Is there any update in progress in the future.

Anton Rosendahl

Oct 7, 2019

Not working!

It's not working. I try to open a family tree with DNarboretum without any result.

lapidary lockbox

Oct 2, 2019

not working

DNArboretum not working

Barton Lewis

Jun 24, 2019

DNArboretum not working on FTDNA

Just wanted to add my voice to chorus of users who report DNArobretum not working and missing it. If there updates on its repair, I would appreciate knowing.

Mikael och Susanne

Jun 5, 2019


DNArboretum is not working in Crome for a very long time. How can I make it work again ?

Mikael och Susanne

May 15, 2019

Not Working at all for a long time

Are there any bugg fixing in the progress ?

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