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Lwazi Selepe

Feb 10, 2022


I am having trouble adding the extension, it does not download.


Jan 29, 2022


Is it possible to add this on aswell?

Mohammed Alamour

Jul 4, 2021

Agadmator commentary

It would be a great addition if you include Agadmator in your next version :)

Zachariah Stovall

Oct 30, 2020

it stopped working

] it'll make sounds if i click on the actual extension but not while playing games. I will donte $50 if you fix it. I can and will pay you beforehand if you would want.

Yuliesky Rodriguez

Oct 7, 2020

no me funciona

no me funciona que debo hacer gracias

Stamatis Spanos

Sep 14, 2020

doesnt work

it doesnt comment anything

Abdallah Hasan

Sep 13, 2020

Extension won't work

Hello there!

I just wanted to simply inform you that the extension is not working, I hope it gets fixed soon as it seems hilarious!

The Nerdiest Chess Player

Efran Zhao

Sep 2, 2020


It is not making commentary when in live chess or on lichess tv

Jakob Zupanec

Jun 3, 2020

dimitri randomly stopped talking

I downloaded the extention and at first It worked great then next game it stopped working. help?

peter digby

Apr 23, 2020

Not working during gameplay

Hey there,
I play Lichess on Google Chrome and I'm trying to use dmitlichess but it does not work. I have tried reinstalling. When I click on the extension I can manually get him to speak but it doesn't work by itself. Any help would be much appreciated,

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