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Jasmine McClendon

Mar 1, 2024



The subtitles for picture in picture for disney plus have stopped working for me. When i turn them on, they only show up on the original tab and not the floating screen for picture in picture. How can i fix this

Jose Lizárraga

Oct 17, 2023

Same but for Star+

Would you be able to make this compatible with Star+? There's no other extension that works like this one, not even one that could work with Star+


Oct 7, 2023

Button not appearing

I made chrome my default browser to be able to get this to work, I've closed and opened the browser page, as well as Disney+. I've kept them open and just reloaded them, but no matter what I do the button will not pop up. This is the only extension people have recommended and I can't live without my Disney+ while doing work, please give me some advice :(


Apr 8, 2023

the button doesnt show

the buttons just not there, i tried refreshing i tried removing and adding the extension again it just doesnt work

Alyssa Clark

Nov 3, 2022

Not working

I have no option to click on a picture in picture icon when I click on the icon of the extension and it take me to the menu with the music note

Terrance Cramer

Oct 7, 2022

subtitles dont transfer over

subtitles arent being shown in the PiP window but instead are still being shown in the player on the main page the pip is taken from. The live subtitles is wildly inaccurate. if the subtitles provided in the overlay from disney+ could just be cloned along with the pip window clone that'd fix it.

Krzysztof Olech

Jul 3, 2022

Its not working

when im on disney+ it lights up as blue, as its ready to use, but clicking on it does not start PiP mode, it just opens options menu, ALT+P also is not working, i dont see any additional buttons in disney+ to start it.

Sam Manalili

Jun 14, 2022

from the reviews

Once I have installed the plugin and started playing a video on Disney+, it didn't work in the first. I figured out a way how to use it.
- Click on the Music icon (on top right side, next to the extensions icon).
- disneyplus site will be listed over there, in that card you can see picture-in-picture icon.
- Click on it and voila!!


Steven Neville

Jun 13, 2022

Unable to get PIP working

I have tried the Ctrl-P key combo and it isn't registering.

Leon Koller

May 19, 2022

How do i activate pictur in picture?

How do i activate pictur in picture?

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