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Television Computer

Dec 17, 2018

Is this Application just a form of a Web Viewer or did you make your own Discord Client?

I am asking this question because i ant to make my own Discord Client on my 3ds but i cant find alot of documentation on how to, I was wanting to get some insite on how a person can make a Discord Client

GizmoGuy411 Wazer

Nov 24, 2017

Links In Chat Don't Open When Clicked

Links in chat do not open when clicked.


Aug 4, 2017




Jul 18, 2017

How to zoom out? ANSWER

Every Time I open its zoomed out! And it doesen't have all the features! FIX THIS

Kellien Storey

Jun 27, 2017

mic not working

My headset was working before the patch on regular discord and since the patch it will not work but i can hear everything and i gave the mic permission on chrome. do i need to just go back to internet explorer?

Forrest Craig Garrett

Jun 14, 2017


Can't open links with files, websites, and sometimes youtube videos.

the youtube videos that work wont go into full screen.

Joseph McKinnion

Apr 11, 2017

Log-in not saving

I'm having to re-signin each time I reopen the app.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 19, 2017

Can't open links

I can't open links or files posted in the chat on my Chromebook.

Nothing in the settings changes this.

Any solutions?


Mar 6, 2017

Playing ____

If this is a Discord Kiosk, would it be too much to ask to be able to change what you're playing? Example: in a chat a guy would be named Bob. If he downloaded Discord w/ Windows or something of the sort it would say under his name: "Playing League of Legends" and allow him to change it at will. Could you allow us to do that too? Thanks

Dank Memes

Feb 24, 2017

Moving Roles

This is probably the biggest issue that I have with Discord Kiosk. I am unable to move roles, voice channels, move people to other voice channels, and move text channels. If this could be fixed it would be great because its very annoying not being able to move these things in Discord Kiosk.

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