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Marilyn Alm

Jul 14, 2024

Media Uploads Do Not Show In Transcript

We discuss a LOT of stuff to do with our fiction writing. We frequently upload maps, character pictures, ideas, images, and not a single d@mned one of them shows in the transcript. Why?

Jeff Hornberger

Feb 16, 2024

How d i get more than 500 using the extension as a Pro subscriber?

I just upgraded to "pro". How do I access more than 500? Can I use the extension?


Jan 19, 2024

Cancel Subscription

Need to cancel my monthly subscription. Can't figure out how to do it within the extension itself.


May 12, 2023

Stopped working

It says, "Search timed out. Please try again." - no matter what I try. This message happens immediately when I click search, regardless of the date range entered. I tried very short date ranges, same thing.

Marilyn Alm

May 7, 2023

Extension Not Trusted?

This looked like exactly what I need, especially if it DLs pictures added to a chat to the html file. But when I went to add it to my Chrome, I got "Proceed with caution! This extension not trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing." I am basically paranoid. So, please tell me what the issue is, here?


Apr 13, 2023

Won't retrieve

I've used this successfully for months. Today when I do the date search, I get the progress wheel as usual, but it never stops. I left it for 30 minutes and it's still going. Tried again later, same thing.


Oct 6, 2022

Export won't function

Message pops up stating that Discord Tab needs to be refreshed. After doing so, still unable to export.


Oct 5, 2022

Needs to refresh your discord tab

what does it mean? i already refresh my discord page, but it still pops out this and counldn't save chat log, i'm confused.

Jay Wolfe

Aug 12, 2021

App wont export

App is installed followew instructions and the go button is grayed out.

Eliott Reynolds

Jul 12, 2021

Grayed out!

I disable any popup blockers, and enter a date, but "go" is grayed out, both for Excel and HTML.

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