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Use Disable YouTube Shorts extension to deep focus and stay unhooked. Distraction free tool will help you to hide Youtube shorts!

🔇 Are you overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of distracting youtube shorts? Regain control of your browsing experience with the Disable YouTube Shorts Chrome extension! 🚀 How It Works: Installing the Disable YouTube Shorts tool is quick and effortless. Simply add it to your Chrome browser and customize your settings to align with your preferences. With user-friendly controls and seamless integration, you'll be enjoying a distraction free and disable youtube shorts hide experience in no time. 🔧 Installation and Usage: 1. Click the Add to Chrome button to install the Disable Youtube Shorts extension. 2. Customize your settings to tailor the tool to your preferences. 3. Enjoy distraction-free browsing as shorts and other distractions are seamlessly hidden from your feed. 4. Need to adjust your settings? Simply access the extension options within your Chrome settings. It's time to bid farewell to the incessant stream of distractions cluttering your feed. With the disable youtube shorts tool, you can take charge and tailor your YouTube experience to suit your preferences. Whether you're studying, working, or simply unwinding, this extension empowers you to enjoy videos on your own terms. 🌟 Key Features: 1️⃣ Disable Shorts: Say goodbye to the omnipresence of shorts in your YouTube feed. With the disable youtube shorts extension, you have the power to eliminate shorts and create a deep focus environment. 2️⃣ Hide Distractions: In addition to disabling shorts, this extension allows you to hide comments and other distractions, ensuring a seamless and focused viewing experience. 3️⃣ Focus Mode: Activate focus mode and immerse yourself in quality content without interruptions from shorts or other distractions. Stay in the zone and maximize your productivity with this invaluable feature. 4️⃣ YouTube Deep Focus: Delve deeper into platform content without the constant barrage vying for your attention. Enhance your ability to concentrate and engage with long-form content, disable and free from distractions. 5️⃣ Disconnect from youtube: Seamlessly detach from youtube shorts noise and reconnect with your tasks, projects, or leisure activities without interruptions. Regain control of your online experience and make the most of your time. 6️⃣ Unhook YouTube: Break free from the cycle of mindless scrolling and regain control of your browsing habits with the disable youtube shorts tool. Say goodbye to aimless browsing and hello to intentional use of your time. 7️⃣ Distraction-Free YouTube: Enjoy a clutter-free experience by disabling and blocking shorts and other distractions. Stay focused on your goals and immerse yourself in the content that matters most to you. 8️⃣ Focus and Productivity: Boost your productivity by eliminating distractions and maintaining focus while browsing. Whether you're seeking educational content or entertainment, stay on track with your objectives. 9️⃣ Tailored Settings: Customize the disable youtube shorts software to suit your preferences and browsing habits. Whether you want to completely remove shorts or selectively hide them based on specific criteria, the choice is yours. Take control and personalize your experience. 🔍 FAQs: 📌 Is the disable youtube shorts extension free? Yes, the basic version of the program is free to use, with optional premium features available for advanced users. 📌 How does it differ from other ad-blocking or content-filtering tools? Unlike generic ad blockers, this extension is specifically designed to Hide YouTube Shorts, providing a tailored solution for users seeking a distraction-free and focusing experience. 📌 Can I customize the unhooked youtube extension to hide other types of content? While the primary focus is on remove shorts for youtube, future updates may include additional customization options based on user feedback to detach and disconnect from youtube even more. 📧 Contact Us: Got questions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us at devbycores@gmail.com and join the movement toward a more focused YouTube experience. Ready to take control of your experience? Install the Disable YouTube Shorts extension now and hide youtube shorts and unlock a world of distraction free life! 🎉

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StevenMay 29, 2024

does not work, only hides shorts bar not the shorts

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SamMay 22, 2024

It's very simple to use, saves time!

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DuvanApr 30, 2024

I am not joking. Thanks for making this extension. Sometimes I would enter Yt Shorts accidentally or even due to an interesting thumbnail and I always went and went through dozens or even hundred of videos that don't contribute anything to my life. Thanks to the extension, I'm stopping doing it and having greater habits.

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