Support: Disable HTML5 Autoplay (Reloaded)

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Nikolay Eremin

Feb 29, 2024

Youtube video player shows black screen

Youtube video player doesn't show thumbnail and controls. Only empty black div instead. Though they present in the document.

Lucas Finger

Feb 28, 2024

ADP Login

This extension breaks the login page for ADP. redirects to an domain to handle authentication. I've whitelisted this domain, but I'm not able to get it to load unless I completely disable the extension.


Feb 24, 2024

broken site

Breaks video playing on:
Doesn't matter what settings, disable autoplay on or off.

Max Freund

Oct 4, 2023

Conflicts with Google Meet, MS Teams, and other web-based videoconferencing apps

This does not allow audio output in web-based videoconferencing apps such as Google Meet, MS Teams, etc.

Guillermo Velasco

Sep 2, 2023


does the extension have a white list and if so, how do you update it?

Peter G

Jan 20, 2023

This extension incompatible with Google Voice, blocks audio

Incompatible with Google Voice, blocks audio when enabled. Disabled/uninstalled I saw normal operation of Google Voice webpage.

Діма 朝日 (Птах)

Jan 2, 2023

Не працює на Ютюбі

Привіт помітив що на ютюбі щось змінили і відео інколи саме відтворюється.
Взагалі я і мої знайомі вдячні вам за чудове розширення.

Joseph Fuller

Nov 20, 2022

Breaking Instagram videos recently

Possibly due to updates in Chrome and Edge in the last couple of days, or perhaps coincidental changes on the Instagram pages, this now is completely breaking Instagram feed videos. The video still image appears but clicking the video does nothing. Disable autoplay has to be completely unchecked in order for the videos to play (which of course means they now autoplay). Story videos still work.

Marty Messer

Sep 6, 2022

Video content on Imgur no longer shows audio control/button

See issue:

This is new-ish behavior, I hope it is resolved soon.

Peter Ruchkin

Aug 7, 2022

This breaks uploading attachments to Google Calendar events

Hoping you can fix quickly? Thanks

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