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James Burrell

Jun 6, 2024

enabling one extensions

Works great, thank you .However, how after disabling all extensions can I enable just one again ?

Google User

May 6, 2024

Java enalbed (locked by extension)

I have used this for years and suddenly this issue appears. Others have reported other nuances too and uninstalling or disabling this extension resolved their issues.I am guessing this extension somehow has become corrupt or behaving maliciously.

Luke Flegg

May 19, 2023

Fails to restore extensions

This extension used to work sometimes but now every time it just permanently kills all of my extensions and I have to manually turn them all back on and re-position them into my quick access bar, completely defeating the point and wasting loads of time.

David G. Larson

Jan 31, 2023

Make Chrome extension sync clearer.

Chrome syncs extensions, but not this extension's awareness of what to restore if another instance of Chrome changes which extensions are active. So some people think this extension doesn't work, but it's simply that if another instance of Chrome changes extensions activated, this extension doesn't save/remember which ones to restore.

Or make it possible to save groups of extensions.

Thomas Wypa

Dec 29, 2022

No longer works

Shut off. turn on nothing comes back. removed and reinstalled. Nothing

Petri Malk

Jun 15, 2022

Can not enable extensions any more

This extension has been working properly for several weeks. Today I disabled temporarily extensions by clicking the icon as usually.

But when I clicked on it again to enable extensions, nothing happens. Extensions wont enable. I closed the Chrome and the process, restarted Chrome and extensions wont enable still. This is confusing

Kimberly Alberts

Jan 10, 2022

Stopped working after waking computer from sleep

I disabled all my extension, then my computer went to sleep. When I woke up my computer I am unable to enable my extensions again.

Allan A

Nov 10, 2021

Trying to reinstall the app and stopped

Hello, your app was working as designed for quite some time, bout a year, but about the last 2-3 weeks I saw that I couldn't turn it on or off. Looked for help and work arounds, but couldn't find anything. Today I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it. I couldn't readily find this, but found it in Incognito. Haven't really searched for how I need to reinstall it yet. Thought I'd give this a try, but currently unable to reinstall it. So just trying to get it back to installed and working as designed.

I'm not new to Chrome, but I wouldn't say I'm all that keen on the inner workings either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sep 16, 2021

trouble with extensions hidden in menu

Hi, just found your extension and it has been a crazy help, however I do have this one issue.
I have a lot of extensions and most of them sit in the menu not on the toolbar, when I click disable extensions and re-enable them they all move to the menu except for one and I have to move all of them out of the menu which is starting to get tiring. Hoping you can fix this. thank you.

Tamie Hamilton

Jul 27, 2021

works great as is, but...

... if you wanted to add some functionality, it would be great if I could white list certain extensions.

What I usually use it for: when Chrome acts up, I turn off all the extensions, and then re-enable one at a time, as I need them.

There are some extensions that never really make a fuss - like all the google extensions ... (no idea why these aren't built in functionality, but whatever)

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