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Bella Rivera

Oct 9, 2023

Not Working

Hey team, I've had no issues in the past but this isn't working on Any idea why?

Jody Anthony Roberts

Nov 5, 2020

Seems to have stopped working

Was working fine and just stopped. Maybe an issue with the chrome version updates?

Rudie Dirkx

Sep 2, 2020

Doesn't work for

Works for Github, which definitely has CSP on. Buttt doesn't work for which must have CSP on, because my bookmarklet doesn't work, and Chrome complains about a very specific f95zone CSP header. Why?

Aswin Chandrasekaran

May 26, 2020

Not working in Canary

Disable CSP not working in Canary. I use it for my development activities. I think, it might be issue with Canary build.
Canary - 85.0.4156.0
Build OS - Max

Gregory Rhoulhac

May 13, 2020

Does this work for you on versions higher than Chrome 78.x? Specifically, the latest chrome version.

I have been seeing issues using this with Chrome 81.x and was wondering if you are seeing the same issues?

Yuda Forcepoint

May 4, 2020

Enable on every new page

Until recently once I have enable the plugin it was enabled on all pages.
In the last few days I have to enable it on every page separately.
how to avoid that?

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