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Matej Peko

Dec 19, 2023

Hungarian HUF (Hungarian forint) vs Ft (Forint)

Hello, could you please add Ft (forint) as HUF variant in Hungarian convertor ?
E-shops have often stated Ft as currency instead of HUF.
Ft= Forint (Local name)
HUF= Hungarian forint
0,00 EUR = 0,00 EUR (Same think different name)
You can see it for example here:

Also, your converter is amazing. Saving so much time when living abroad.
Thank you.

Shuhag Islam

Nov 2, 2022

Very Good Tools

Hi Everyone, For now I have searched an extension that works awesome. It's very good extension.


Apr 5, 2022

Can not drag n drop

I can not select source currency, so it is not working


Mar 6, 2022

Direct Currency Converter Stopped Working

Hi, I'm using Version3.2.1 and each time it displays the message; Unknown

Antonio Stapleton

Jan 26, 2020

Add Currency

XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollar)

Daniel Perché

Dec 11, 2019

why does it convert (target) currency on websites?

extension also converts already shown target currency on websites. it converts to a tenth of the actual value (and shows the original value in "()"- since activated in options).

so "€ 149.-" converts to " € 19,94 € (149.-) ". target currency is not selected as source currency so it shouldnt convert the currency at all.

carlos helder

Jul 12, 2019

CRC colones Costa Rica does not seem to work

it's not on quotes.html
it's not working on extensions/prices.html either

Vishal Thakur

Jul 8, 2019

permission to access all data on website.

hello dear Per Johansson,
why your extension wants to access all data of website that i visiting? Does it safer for my online transaction and for my overall security/
please clear my doubt.
thank you.

Паша «Альма» Каптановская

May 10, 2019

option to exclude elements

some elements, for example <code>, contain dollar sign text as $0, $1, $2 or other, which can be broken by this extension.
it would be nice to add an option to exclude some elements.

Mohd Syahrizan Senan

Oct 3, 2018

Add whitelist domain please

Hi developer,
Thank you for good extension, but I want give one suggestion, can you add whitelist domain?

Currently this extension have exclude domain, so I have to put every website I open.Right now I have to put more than 10 domain and everytime I open another website, I have to add it.

I just use this extension when open web like or So if have whitelist function, I only add and only.

I hope you can consider this suggestion.

Thank you

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