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geison machado work

Jul 19, 2023

Doesn't work on MacOS

Shortcut does nothing

Phạm Thành

May 18, 2023

Please change shotcut turn/off plugin or let's me can set-up it by myself

No useful


Mar 28, 2023

Not working for me either

Just installed it and it doesn't do anything, I'm using MacOS.

Alona Zahychenko

Mar 17, 2023

It does not working

I need use this plugin on the page, but it doesn't work. How is fix?

Brayan Felipe Diaz Vanegas

Nov 2, 2022

No me aparece

buen dia. activo la extencion pero no me aparece ningun posicionamiento ni nada que indique que esta funcionando , me podrian asistir

Ron Richardson

Oct 15, 2022

Oh soooo... close.

Dimensions are off by 1 pixel. I have a simple box 550px by 80px wide and it's measuring 549px by 79px. Such a bummer, I really wanted this to work.


Aug 11, 2022

Weird measurement

Hi, I have a card with many divs inside. When I measure the total height of the card it results in a totally different value compared to the sum of every div inside.

Navid Shamaei

Apr 10, 2022

NOT work.

dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Буга додонова

Mar 16, 2022

КАК Использовать ?

Не понимаю как пользоваться этой программой?


Oct 24, 2021

This does not function

Either clicking the icon or pressing ALT + D does not activate the extension; it does NOT work... Nice concept though...

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