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Ed Bartelli

Mar 15, 2021

Allow different cookies to be set for different sites.

It's as described. I'm interested in using this to set default cookies for incognito mode.

Ritu Ragni

Aug 15, 2020

how to get top right side bars(close bar, minimize/maximize bar) in crome app

i am unable to get top right side all bars

Daniel Mee

Dec 9, 2016

Cookie not being exluded in GA Filter

Hello. Thanks for making this extension. I saw it when searching for solutions to excluding my dynamic IP from GA reports. Instead of having JS execute or not execute the tracking code I thought it would be better to use it to set a cookie which then gets filtered.
Looking at the realtime results though I can see that I am still being tracked. Do you know why the idea might not be working? Here's a screenshot of my filter config

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