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Monika Lain-Shaw

Sep 17, 2023

Text works but pictures don't

Trying to get this to work, and the text replacement works but not the pictures and I can't figure out why. Any ideas? Thank you!

J.M. Hardin

Aug 14, 2023

Can you add the other Florida Man?

I love your extension so much I often use your insults on CoSo. I'm hoping you can add DeathSantis to your list of folks to filter, but I understand if there aren't enough insults yet.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 29, 2018


I say leave Mueller and Cohen (too common a last name) alone for now. But can you please add Jair Bolsonaro? That would be nice. I'm sure we could work through posts with the #elenao hashtag to get an initial set of epithets. I mean alternative names.

James Hiner

Jun 3, 2018

name adding

can you add Mueller, Cohen and Pai to the list

Amy Kelso

Aug 8, 2017

Image replacement

I used the Make America Kittens Again extension, and then the Bunny My News extension before starting to use Detrumpify. The problem with substituting nice, sweet, adorable animals for *his* image is that now I associate nice, sweet, adorable animals with *him*!! Can you offer a more nefarious substitute, like an image of the devil, or Voldemort, or Darth Vader (I know copyright issues might be involved with the latter two). Just a suggestion to keep our PTSD in check and still enjoy kittens!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 25, 2017

Kittens not working?


Kitten pictures not working? I can still see his DayGlo roadside kill on every page I visit... Settings are set to Kittens. What's going on?

soy chicka (soychicka)

Nov 18, 2016

usability: visually tokenize replaced text by default

Since we're going to be stuck with your plugin* for the next 5 - t_i** years, it might improve usability to default to an alternate style on substituted text - like reducing font size or using a condensed font and adding an orange background.

This would serve to visually tokenize the phrases that can be multiple lines long, improving readability without sacrificing our sanity.

I'd think that wrapping the text with a span tag with a custom class would do the trick, then advanced users could change this through internal stylesheet mods if they wanted, rather than risk editing and possibly corrupting a custom config file.

* not your fault, obviously, and no complaints about the plugin - thank you!
** t_ i = time to impeachment

Nancy Kuhl

Nov 13, 2016


Not a suggestion just a thank you to the genius programmer who wrote this code. It has literally saved my sanity!

Wilson Lilburne

Jun 28, 2016

Highlight Insult

Hi could you put some sort of underline when you've changed something?

I like to know when its the extension that's insulted him and when it's a fresh new insult from the articles author. THANKS!

Jazz Rocks

Jun 26, 2016

CNN doesn't like it, rock the Casbah

It's not working on CNN. :)

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