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Ozberix Creations

May 31, 2022

DIM Beta

Good Morning,

Is there a way to set the DIM extension to route over to DIM beta instead of the current DIM?

Love the app, Thank you for making it!

s s

Jan 10, 2021


I am unable to load the DIM. I just get a screen that says "Unable to load your Destiny 2 characters and inventory" with the DIM icon loading and reloading in the middle of the screen. This has been happening for at least a week, through various restarts and shutdowns. Is there some issue with Chrome that I am not aware of? Please help. Thanks!

Chris Jones

Jul 2, 2020


cant load the app, anyone help ?

alaa elgouhary

Dec 21, 2019



King Diddy

Aug 15, 2019

not loading

dim doesnt load at all for me always crashing

Daniel Remy

Aug 14, 2019

impossible de lancer DIM

Aïe,aïe,aïe, une erreur s'est produite lors de l'affichage de la page Web.

Chrome est à jour ainsi que DIM , j'ai réinstaller l'extension dans Chrome mais il n'y a rien qui fonctionne

Spiral I Am

May 16, 2019

App Settings

I do not know if the issue is on your apps end, but I had been putting off the last Google Chrome update for a while, and now that I have updated it my settings no longer stay the way I had them in the DIM. Every time I reopen DIM it is reset to default settings. so my stuff is no longer organised the way I had it, and my characters are not either.

Jeremy Matsumoto

Apr 2, 2019

Could you check DIM for Destiny 1? It's not loading at all. Thank you!

There is an error message saying you may not be connected to internet or and ad blocker is causing issues. Also the compare feature does not show all the perks of the weapon. The third perk is cutoff in the comparison feature. Thank you.


Jan 6, 2019

Does this work for Destiny 1?

I play it a lot more since it's the better game and I'd prefer if I was able to use it for that

Trevor O'Connor

Jan 1, 2019

Unable to Load

Everytime I try to open DIM it keeps trying to load and then pops up with a box saying wait for page or close the page. Even tried it in incognito. Even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome

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