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Jeanne Goldberg

Jul 2, 2023

viewing more than 9 hashtag posts

Does this extension (or any that you're aware of) allow you to see more than 9 hashtag posts at a time? (and no need to mention using the arrow key to scroll through 1 by 1). Thank you- we're (and thousands of others) are desperate!

Yassir Hasnaoui

May 1, 2023

i lost access to my account after i have used the extension

it says The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

Genotype JJungle

Feb 24, 2022

Wont load Videos

Been using this for a while now many times perfectly. Now it wont even load my videos Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

Артур Гришаев

Dec 11, 2021

Проблема с чатом

Не отображаются отправленные сообщения с этого расширения.

Kyra Dailey

Nov 25, 2021

Plugin not working

I've just desktopify for about two years now and it's functioned perfectly up until today. Now it isn't working at all, it isn't even loading Instagram. The page it shows me is completely blank.

Ray Goss

Oct 28, 2021

Posting on Desktopify

When posting after uploading a product image, I put in a title and description but it is not showing up on Desktopify or Instagram. What am I doing wrong?

Julio FA

Oct 16, 2021


Não consigo postar vídeos. Ao clicar para upload, não sobe o arquivo.

Bob Hower

Sep 3, 2021

cannot connect to desktapify

when I try to use desktopify I get the following message: "m.facebook refused to connect" What do I do to fix this? Thanks.

Valerie Anna Nicholas

Aug 27, 2021

Desktopify Icon is not shown on the toolbar

After clicking the download button, the desktopify is installed but it does not display on the toolbar of my Chrome. How to show the desktopify icon? Many thanks.

helen carter (Secret Lentil)

Jul 13, 2021

following accounts I didn't follow

Is your extension adding accounts that I didn't choose to follow?

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