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Darina Tashkova

Nov 28, 2023

App doesn't load

For some reason the extension doesn't work for the last few days. The new tab opens and just sits on the logo screen. Refresh does not work.

Yuri Pereira Voos

Jan 30, 2023

not opening

An error message appears, saying that the server's IP cannot be found. I already removed and installed the application, but it did not solve the problem.

Alessandro Tunno

Dec 10, 2022

Instagram links not working

Hi there, none of the links under the Instagram section is working. When I click on one of them, I got an error page with the message
" is blocked"
The URL is like

Frederique Marquez

Aug 25, 2022

Stopped opening

How can I access it? It's stopped opening a new tab daily!

Jon Grintz

Jul 26, 2022


can you explain why your extension "can read and change all my data on all websites"? i really liked the beta but this seems to be a ridiculous level of permissions for simply a webpage that only links out to other websites. what exactly to do you need to access for reading and changing data for ALL websites besides your own?

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