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Vasudha Kadge

Jan 25, 2024

Not showing the option to search

I'm experiencing an issue. Although I successfully added the extension, it's not functioning as expected. The only thing appearing is a pop-up with the 'I am ready' button.

Duc Le

Aug 18, 2022

Stopped working

The extension stopped working, can't search and find DE through this extension anymore. It always returns 0 result

Laura Scheidegger

Apr 19, 2022

Extension stopped working

As others have mentioned the DESelect Chrome extension has stopped working. It keeps asking for the subdomain. Up until recently, when I entered the subdomain, it worked again, but now it doesn't accept it anymore.

Lise-Marie Decloux

Apr 15, 2022

It's not working


Often it's requested to enter the subdomain, that I do each time and always get the same issue it's requested again an again the subdomain and at this end the extension does'nt work. Please help me

Noor Alam

Dec 14, 2021

Marketing cloud DE extension not working

Was working previously, when searching for DE the tool asks for subdomain, when entered a error occurs and subdomain is requested again.
Tested on Stack 50.

Oleg Kostiuk

Nov 27, 2021

Keeps asking forMarketing Cloud subdomain

This extension is great, but it stopped working recently. Now it keeps asking for my marketing cloud subdomain. I keep entering it, but it never works. How do I make this work again?

Patrick Faustino

Aug 27, 2021

Triggered Sends

I tried looking for a Triggered Send but I wasn't sure which of the pull downs to select. Automations resulted in 0 results. I tried others too.

Michael Camilleri

Apr 23, 2021

Great Idea with the on screen search but doesn't work on my laptop

It blocks the view of items I need access to, like areas of Email Studio to choose options. It makes the platform unusable. Great idea, but it needs to work on all screen sizes. Will reinstall as soon as this is fixed.

Michela Maffei

Apr 13, 2021

Relogin alert

After SFMC login (MFA) a pop-up alert asks to relogin to start using Quick Search.
I added the extension using my private Google account, whose subdomain is obviously different than the subdomain of the Marketing Cloud instance. Could this be the issue? And if so what´s the workaround?

Cesar Vasquez

Apr 5, 2021

Error con el buscador

Me parece impresentable que superpongan un buscador que tapa varias opciones del menu superior. Y mas encima la única forma de ocultar es desactivando la extensión. No tengo cómo adjuntar una captura, pero actualmente tapa: Tracking y Admin.

Deberían corregir eso o será desinstalada y mal evaluada.

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