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Derek HansenApr 29, 2024

Great for it's simplicity, additional features and functions could make it 5 stars. Some ideas: Allow you to customize delay and time between option, don't see any technical reason for the options given. Allow you to customize blocking time. Users may not always want it active, you may just want it active during work hours for example. Add additional options for unlocking a website besides delay, for example you have to enter a set of characters or a block of text.

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Fresky YangFeb 6, 2024

Really useful and effecitive for me. Personally it works better than those plugins that just direclty blocks the site. Give me some time to reflect and feel like I'm in control here.

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Arnab Nandi?Jan 17, 2024

good extension , its such a good boi , does what it promises , doing what it promises is the best we can do sometimes , it overdelivers by doing exactly what it says.

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Tapu LeleDec 1, 2023

This is literally the only blocksite I've seen so far that doesn't block an entire domain. I.e. you can block a subreddit without blocking all of This is EXTREMELY important because there are times I need to look stuff up for work, but then there are times I endlessly check news on r/technology. Most extensions can't differentiate between the two!

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Rhys MillsSep 1, 2023

Great idea, well executed, does no more than it needs to. Perhaps a text entry to add a custom delay would be a useful addition.

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Natasha CampbellJul 25, 2023

The concept is great, but the options for lock-out time are limited to 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or 30 seconds. That's too low for me, which makes the extension practically useless. I really wish they provided longer options, like 1min, 5min, 10min, or that they would let you set your own time. If they can incorporate that, then the extension would be fantastic!

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Shivam MishraFeb 12, 2023

it's very good but there's a huge problem , which is if you exit the tab the countdown still continues and after 30 seconds it opens , so i could like switch to another page till 30s and hop back on to that page, so i think it would be helpful if countdown only happens when you are active in the page.

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Dev PatelDec 28, 2022

By far the best website blocker I have come across. Simple, effective, and minimalist. I like the funny messages that you display when attempting to look at a disabled website. Definitely lives up to it's name of being "A quick and easy cure for Endless Scrolling Syndrome."

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Redouane KhaldiDec 14, 2022

simple yet effective

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Jasper FaddenNov 3, 2022

Thank you, this is a wonderful extension for websites that are essential but can also be time wasters (Discord and Google in my case). It doesn't block it entirely in case you have to use it for work, but it pushes you in the right direction if you are just wasting time.

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