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J. Alexander King

Jun 3, 2023


Hello there. This is an amazing extension. I only have 2 suggestions if that's possible:
1: Add synonyms for selected words along side the definition. That would be really helpful!
2: Is it possible to add another activation method in the form of a small icon that shows up next to the selected word?
Thank you so much for your hard work and hopefully these suggestions are of interest to you.

Timothy Watanabe

Mar 11, 2023


Hi there. Would it be possible to include etymology (word origins) in the Google Dictionary? Google has a helpful diagram for this as well.

שולמית גפן

Feb 6, 2023

תרגום לעברית

האם התוסף מאפשר תרגום מאנגלית לעברית? האם אפשר להשתמש בן גם בדפדפן BRAVE?


Nov 2, 2022

Thanks a ton for developing such wonderful one more favour

Please add an option to star/bookmark searched words for later review.

Chris B

Oct 25, 2022

Commercial version?

Do you have a paid version? I have a support issue but I don't want to ask unless I'm compensating you. If you don't have a paid version, provide your Paypal address and I'll send a fee once I get the extension working. I'm confident from what reviewers describe that it's probably a simple fix.

Sergey Khakhin

Oct 17, 2022

Adding American pronunciation to Google Dictionary Phonetics

That'd be great if there was a setting to choose whether it use British pronunciation or American pronunciation of a word :)


Aug 15, 2022

Brave search as a source

Please add Brave search as a source

Nikki Volodin

Oct 15, 2021

Adding another search engine

Neeva, google scholar

ability for the extension to originally show up as a tiny dot and then toggle it to be bigger, so it doesn't take up so much space.

Piergiorgio “Zibri” Zambrini

Sep 28, 2021

A missing killer feature...

You should check if selected text is english or not and translate it with google translate if it is not :D
That would be GREAT.

Bing Bong

Sep 24, 2021

images sugession

you can just add an images section off any search engine, Like google or duck duck go.

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