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Giovanni Fabbro

Jun 25, 2022

Options window bounces

With a 150% scaling to a FullHD and Chrome's 100% zoom, the options window bounces.

Kilowag Magnusson

Mar 19, 2022

Adjusting Adblockplus policies to accommodate Decentraleyes

Hello, the testing utility says it is not working properly due to Adblockplus-how do I adjust their policies? What does this mean exactly?


Shawn AMKR Dickinson

Dec 13, 2021

Brave keeps saying it's corrupted or something?

Not working anymore? Says like extension may be corrupted, same thing if I uninstall it and reinstall it [FYI - I am using Brave Browser, not good with the terminology here, but I believe it's a fork of Chrome - it runs on Chromium I would assume - it uses the Chrome extension webstore [have a similar issue using SAASPASS which is annoying] any help or maybe it needs a patch? Appreciate you & the extension, will check back to see if there are any updates or if you have any idea what's going on [don't know if its just me or everyone across the board] have a great week & happy holidays!

Riley Williams

Jul 9, 2021

accounting for content security policy (CSP) directives

I love this extension; it’s really a fabulous idea, and I use it all the time! Unfortunately, I noticed that some websites send headers to set CSP preventing the injection of scripts. Is there any way for the extension to detect this issue and (depending on the extension options) revert the URI to allow the script? For example, I’ve seen a website use the “script-src-elem” directive to specify SHA-256 digests of the code.


Jun 6, 2021

Improved 'Extension Options' panel, if possible, please

Great extension, no arguments about effectiveness of the functionality, one thing that would be good, and I admit, only 'would be' it's not a game-changer or anything, but the 'Extension Options' in Chrome, gives a very small popup box, and the list of sites that have been allowed previously, is therefore quite ungainly to work with.
I know that most times, just working with the toggle on/off from the button is fine, but I have noticed on very rare occasions, a site might not get removed from the list, so a more visible listing would be nice.
As I said, it's not a game-changer or a deal breaker, just an "I wish."
Thanks for all your hard work.

Neville Cawood

Jan 17, 2020

Adding missing Cache-Control response headers?

Thx for a great extension!
I was and still am using an Extension called Speed-Up Browsing, which adds missing Cache-Control response headers, enhancing the re-use of already downloaded images/scripts etc.

Speed-Up Browsing did improve speed, but not as much as Decentraleyes does.
I have them both running atm.

My questions:
I assume these 2 extensions are compatible as Speed-Up Browsing is simply doing what websites should be doing?
Can you suggest any enhancements or settings to get them to work better together? Like perhaps clearing the cache before installing Decentraleyes, or perhaps a specific order in which to install them?

I used to enhance Speed-Up Browsing by enabling:
Chrome Simple Cache:
But it seems to have been removed..?
Maybe the literature may be of interest to you for your extension/s.

Jimmy Bionic

Sep 11, 2019

HTTPS Everywhere Configuration resets to default after Chrome shuts

With regards to the guidelines on configuring HTTPS Everywhere published on your website, when I quit Chrome all the settings in HTTPS Everywhere reset to default. So after re-launching Chrome I have to re-apply the same settings again. I am not sure if you can fix this possibly within your extension..

Anmol Jarang

Jan 1, 2019

Not working

I can install it with no issues, but clicking on the "Test" button demonstrates that some blacklisted CDNs are getting through. Going on multiple websites also shows no cdns blocked. I do have https everywhere and I have followed the directions to unblock the list of websites on the installation page, but there is still no change

mtq : p

Apr 30, 2018


"Rozszerzenie nie przekierowało żądania sieciowego do chrome-extension://ldpochfccmkkmhdbclfhpagapcfdljkj/resources/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js.dec, bo inne rozszerzenie (HTTPS Everywhere) przekierowało je do"

Saptarshi Roy

Feb 26, 2018

Query on CDN

What are some examples of locally hosted CDN?

Thank you for the amazing extension.

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