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KyraMar 6, 2024

It works well for the CDNs it covers. But there are many other CDNs now than there used to be. It doesn't seem like the extension is providing its own local cache for all the fonts, common functions and other "free services" those CDNs claim to provide.

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Alex GanDec 21, 2023

Very Good. Thanks.

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スポンジボブ!!Nov 14, 2023

It works great! If you go to the website, you can test the extension to be sure it's working properly. Pin the extension. When you click on it, it'll display a counter that shows a counter for locally injected resources. For the reviewer who said they don't know if it works, I would recommend testing it on their website and/or checking the counter, and if it isn't pinned, pin it.

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J JSep 24, 2023

I have it but I don't know if it works. How would anybody know that it does?

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William Lawrence (damianvincent)Aug 7, 2023

If you are even slightly privacy or security conscious, you want this app. It prevents many calls to third party services, which send trackers and other spyware along with the base service being called, turning you unwittingly or knowing into the product being surveilled and spied upon 24/7. It's an integral part of any basic security suite along with a good ad blocker, VPN, and tracking blocker. I also recommend moving over to search engines like which offer great search result... Show more

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Cristian J. HidalgoJun 28, 2023

If the option "Block request for missing resources" is activated, it totally destroy my entire website which use jsDelivr as main CDN for delivering resources. I know i can whitelist the domain or simply no activate that option, I'm just wondering why jsDelivr is blocked. 🤔 _ is blocked This page has been blocked by an extension Try disabling your extensions. ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

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Simon David WilliamsonApr 17, 2023

Awesome. Been a user since Decentraleyes 1.0 on Mozilla and so happy to see you are both back, and improved in myriad ways! Thank you so much for your hard work. If you are reading this, thank a teacher, if you value your Privacy and a Healthy (and Private) System, thank the Dev! (Maybe Support them? No one asked me to type this. All insights and suggestions are mine).

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Freelancer A AminMar 24, 2023

People like you are few and far between. This is a great extension!! Bro ❤️

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Ranvir NarayandasMar 3, 2023

great extension. Very useful, would definitely recommend.

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Ryan SeptianJan 23, 2023

not working

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