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margaret rosita hector

Jul 17, 2021


If only You could bring A mouse Gesture version to Like similar to crx That can open A site and switch tabs by swiping Left or Right And such That would be impressive too and if only This Extension could Launch A specific custom Page of choice by A single button Like 1 you really dont see yourself using for Anything Else ctrl alt and so forth and switch Tabs By Arrow Keys Left and right All those would be good all makes Sense all will be as important and meaningful its a Great Extension over all it will get better in time with updates

laionel zamudio

Dec 28, 2016

donde esta

no es una aplicasion


Dec 15, 2015

this sucks

it wont work

Jonathan Rajavuori

Aug 11, 2012

Captures enter on form field submit

This has annoyed me several times:

1. Type a few characters to activate DeadMouse
2. Realize that you hadn't actually clicked or tabbed to a form field, the place where you actually meant to type those few characters
3. Type out the full form entry, hit Enter to submit
4. DeadMouse intercepts Enter and goes to the activated link instead

Other than this, DeadMouse has been amazing! Thanks for making it. Other things that would be nice to have in it, but aren't essential at all: 1) More options for animating currently active link, 2) Ability to activate form elements (Possibly by overlaying a hint on them to type out)

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 19, 2012


I LOVE this extension. It saves a lot of time and I've been looking for something like this for a while.

Anyway, in it's current form, I wish it did these things:
1. using some key combo or better yet, read the watermark of textboxes and help me navigate there
2. a way to navigate to / activate buttons.


Fran Pregernik

Jul 16, 2012

Sites with js keyboard hooks


It seems to conflict with sites like that which bind some keys to site specific actions. I noticed it in Google Reader.

It would be nice to have a whitelist/blacklist website filter for such cases.

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