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David Mouser

Mar 4, 2023

The addon no longer works and hasnt for some time.

The addon for chrome does not work and hasnt for many months.
I've removed & re-installed with no effect to the Daz3d browsing/filtering options.

Cas Cee

Feb 6, 2023


Hi Ati, I am pretty sure I subscribed to the pro version, but cannot tell. I have the addon in chrom, but the box to show only wishlisted items is missing. Also missing, the links ot the gallery etc. my chrome account is different from my email, could that be the issue?

Jessie Indracusin

Dec 12, 2022

Stopped working suddenly

This the only useful extension I use anymore and feel lost without it. Is it being fixed?

Greg Fox

Mar 7, 2022

Is this still working?

I am just getting back into my DAZ development and this extension doesn't appear to be working. Is this something that you will be able to resolve, or did DAZ break it permanently?

Anita Marier

Feb 5, 2022


This has stopped working, is there any fix or update?


Dec 26, 2021

I have to remove and reinstall extension to get it to work

This means (I think) that I lose any custom price notifications that I've set. Is there any other way to fix this? Many thanks!


Sep 20, 2021

I think DAZ has broken this extension within the last week.

Daz seems to have broken this extension. It was working great until the website got updated recently, now the extension has stopped working. I hope you're able to update it - thanks! Can't live without it now!

David Sullivan

Mar 17, 2021

It's all just disappeared

I'm not seeing the Daz-Deals information on the website anymore. It just stopped working. I've looked at all my extension options for it. It all looks right and I never changed anything anyway. Just nothing there anymore.

Wayne T

Jan 6, 2021

newest items disappearing from store listings?

when i visit the daz store (1/6/2021) the page will briefly show the latest items, then refresh and the items will vanish. (i can see a "correct" page if i disable the daz-deals extension or use chrome. )

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