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Trevor Hammond

Jun 30, 2021


I love the theme and the graphics especially the sunshine. Finding the blue in the tabs a bit strong. Is there an easy way to make it lighter. Otherwise it is great.

Brett Hughes

Mar 10, 2017


how do you make it active

Shelly Pope

Sep 6, 2016

themes' availability

is there no way to add to another browser?

Ramky krishna

Jul 28, 2016



lucio carlos

Jul 6, 2016

porque estar aparecendo esse nome no meu perfil?

esse nome Lucio Carlos ñ e o meu

Swaraj Chakraborty

May 23, 2016

Increase of speed

Whether downloading of Dawn picture is increases the speed of all downloding.

A Capella Native Style 2020

Feb 21, 2016


Then what? How can you make this active? The only theme that I downloade that worked good was holiday lights

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