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Rodolfo Beguiristain

Sep 25, 2018


The theme gets cut of on my computer screen, is there any way to get a couple different sizes?

Julia Lacerda

Dec 25, 2016

i know how to do it

you go to settings and it will say reset to default theme and if you click that it will remove the app

Julia Lacerda

Dec 25, 2016

It wont go away

I thought this was a drawing app but it's not and now i can't get it do go away how do you remove it!!!???

Аня Викторовна

Mar 25, 2016

Произошла ошибка NETWORK_FAILED

что делать? не могу установить тему!

Noam Baruch

Dec 21, 2015


I cannot seem to remove the app. How do i do this?

Fadhilatul Ari

Jan 21, 2015


apa yang berubah ?

Truong Phan

Dec 24, 2014

cach xoa

cach xoa cieu gi vay?

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