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A Schiff

Aug 29, 2023


First let me tell its a great addon.
Now to my problem the backstage key is 90% of the time still going to control and not in backstage.


Seth Olinski

Aug 24, 2023

Setup Guide

Is there a setup guide on how to get all this going? I have the control buttons in Datto but it's greyed out. So they won't open up. Just wanted to know if there's a step by step to getting this integrated.

Chris Jantzen

Mar 7, 2023

JoinWithOptions URL and auto-closing tab

The Overview page lists this info: "To enable the automatic connect and CW tab close functionality. Use the JoinWithOptions action in your CW URL. Without it, you'll get to the endpoint in CW Control, but it will not start the session for you."

I don't understand what this means. What URL should I be using to get the JoinWithOptions action? I can't find a URL with this in Control. Currently it auto-opens but it doesn't auto-close the tab when I click the Connect button.

Caleb Brandt

Oct 24, 2022

Will this be open-source?

I'm really excited to make some improvements to this slow as heck app, so I would love to contribute to your extension if I'm allowed. I have a number of years working in JS and a strong need for some more coding in my job, so if you release the code on GitHub then you will find a lot of new features coming in.

Caleb Brandt

Oct 24, 2022

Additional details when hovering over links

Currently, you get a little bit of info when you hover over a client or contact in the "Edit Ticket" page, but the address and phone number doesn't really help me much when filling out the ticket. What I'd like is the category of client, which is one of our UDFs for each client, as it helps inform the ticket category they should go under. Suggestion: let us choose the data we want to see when hovering over links and autofilled items.

Caleb Brandt

Oct 24, 2022

Async "Quick Edit"

Nothing is more cumbersome than needing to edit one tiny piece of info on a client or ticket and having to wait 10 seconds for the whole page to reload before you can do it.

Idea: you click a field and it turns into a textbox, allowing you to edit the data (ideally with autofill). If you click off of it, the change is discarded, but if you press ENTER then it turns back into a label with the updated data, and it asynchronously updates the detail with the API.

It should be fairly simple to do the async update, since it's the same object you were just sent, just with one detail changed. Of course, that depends on how obfuscated AutoTask's data objects are...


Caleb Brandt

Oct 24, 2022

Make Clicking on Scheduled Items in the Dashboard Go to Ticket
If I click on this, currently it goes to an "Edit To-Do" page, which isn't at all helpful. Can you make clicking on it go to the ticket it's tied to instead?

Caleb Brandt

Oct 23, 2022

"Copy Link & Title" button for ConfigItems and Clients, + cheers

First off, let me just say that you guys are the best. AutoTask is so slow and bad and you guys have made a platform that'll let people bring their own fixes to it. I was at the point of being about to google how to make a browser extension so I could do exactly what you're doing, so if you're willing to make your extension open-source and put it on GitHub, I would be more than happy to add to it myself.

Anyway, I have a few suggestions, so you'll see quite a few more ticket threads from me, since I want to keep them separate.

Actual suggestion:

Add the "copy link + title" button that you put on Ticket pages to the 'Configuration Item" and "Client" pages too.

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