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Allie Thysens

Mar 3, 2023

Not calculating correctly

I clicked the "add/subtract days" option and then "add days" put the date in for today- 3/3/2023. I asked it to add 30 days, the result was 2/4/23. I tried it also for 60 days (adding), and it was still incorrect. For example, as a healthcare provider, I am sending in prescriptions with a specific start date for a certain amount of days. Ex.) Start 3/3/2023, for 30 day supply. I'm looking for the date, 30 days from 3/3/23 which is 4/2/23. Why is this incorrect in your extension?

Jan Lock

May 26, 2022

Add Option for Weekdays Only

I need an extension where I can calculate the weekdays between two dates. Having an checkbox to Exclude Weekends would be great.

Jacob Johnson

Nov 18, 2019


Please add an option to change the date format to mo/day/year. Also it would be nice if the extension remembered the end date instead of resetting each time the extension drop-down is closed.

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