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Mikkel Kelstrup

Oct 26, 2023

Where can I get tutorials about Dataslayer?

Dear Dataslayer
I have stumpled over your tool several times, but I am not sure how to get the full benefit/understanding.
Could you please advice on how or where to get insights about your tool?

Thank you very much:-)

Brenda Mitchell

Aug 21, 2023


I was stop showing ads to public an show my products viewing on site after paying monthly description on services for sales online an publishing products when i pay my bills.


Jun 29, 2023

Cannot see GA4 events in dataslayer with server side tagging

We recently switched our GA4 tag in GTM to a server-side tag, and the GA4 events no longer show up in dataslayer. Is this supported?

Duoplus Team

Jun 7, 2023

How to view datalayer events for events ajax form submissions

When I use Dataslayer it only seems to show the datalayer events on the initial page load. When I submit a form that is submitted with ajax, dataslayer doesn't provide any information about the datalayer events that happened during the form submission.

Is there any way to view the datalayer events for ajax form submissions?

Online Bazen Marketing

Oct 31, 2022

Refresh all queries

Hi! I can't update all queries at any time directly tohgeter anymore? Can you please help us?

Dimitrina Mileva

Aug 23, 2022


I cannot use anymore the dataslayer on Chrome (v. 104, Win 10) - the events aren't listed anymore.
On Firefox still works as expected.
Thanks, Dimitrina

Jainam Shah

Jun 2, 2022

Dataslayer not there

I cannot see dataslayer into the dev-tools anymore.

Alex Gaasenbeek

May 18, 2022

Not able to select a different property (e.g. different GTM ID) from dropdown

While I'm able to see all the available properties / containers on a website, I'm not able to select a different one in the dropdown. When you click on it, it stays on the default property.

Ben Claflin

Apr 18, 2022

Dataslayer no longer appearing on some sites

Dataslayer is no longer showing in the dev console options on some of the sites I manage. I see many comments below with the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this plug-in is a life-saver.

Chris Cheshire

Apr 4, 2022

No longer working in Chrome

Since Chrome 100, it no longer appears in dev tools, or in the More tools option list.

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