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Wes W

Nov 30, 2022

Weather widget

There seems to not be a weather widget available for me. Pretty much a deal breaker.

David Whynot

Jan 4, 2020

Todoist Integration Issue

The Todoist integration is broken for me.
1. Select todoist when adding a new widget.
2. Click "Setup" when prompted.
3. Authenticate with Todoist.
4. Agree to access request.
5. Click "Save" in DashOne widget config menu.
6. The new widget says "Data not available. Please delete and re-create widget."

I have tried deleting the integration from DashOne in the menu, then deleting the integration in the Todoist account integrations settings, and then trying to setup Todoist again, and I'm still getting the same issue.

Rick Powell

Apr 24, 2019


Maybe you should change this sentence: * DashOne is owned by an independent maker, and we have interest in reselling your data.

Is it missing a no?

Contact me for all your proofreading and copyediting needs. :-)

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