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Feb 27, 2024

new ''like comment'' button in comment section

new ''like comment'' button in comment section is solid white box, fix please


Oct 30, 2023

Soundcloud comments

Soundcloud updated how the Soundcloud comments look and it now looks unreadable with this addon since the black text doesn't look good with the black background.

leo rid

Dec 11, 2022

Text overlapping

In the German Version the text at the top right "artists you should follow" (I think) -> "Künstlern denen du folgen solltest:" is overlapping with the line.
It's a small issue that doesn't break anything, but it would be very nice if it was fixed. And thanks a lot for creating this extension. :)

Yuriy “hoskert” Evstigneev

Apr 16, 2021


Hello! Please fix the bug with the white background in the authorization. Maybe this is how it should be, I don't know. But if this is how it should be, then it doesn't look very good.

Charlie Alexander

Oct 16, 2020

UI Problem

I don't know if you still support this little extension still. It's great! I've been using this for over a year now, but there's a little glitch with the little visualizer disappearing or turning white box. If this can fixed that'd be nice. If not then that's no problem. I can get over the little bug and still use it.

Alex Malhotra

May 5, 2020

Font color in notifications

usernames of people who follow my page are dark, nearly the same shade as the background. makes it kinda hard to see, would be cool if you could change the font color to something lighter that stands out against the dark background like the grey color font used for other things.

TJ Ryan IV

Feb 15, 2020


Just wondering, is there a way to suspend this plugin? Like a toggle. Love the plugin though. Thanks.


Nov 10, 2019

Change to Dark

When you go to Profile -> Reposts, one of the UI-elements is still all white


Oct 10, 2019

Grafics are wrong

The button for the option of "Remove from Next up" is compleatly white. The text only come up if you hover over it and wait.

Adrian H

Sep 16, 2019

Liked Tracks

When viewing liked tracks, less than 100 show, and paging or infinite scroll does not kick in. I have over 1000 liked tracks, but with Dark Cloud enabled I cannot view them. I raised the issue to Soundcloud and their advice was to disable the addon. Unfortunately, I will have to follow this advice if I want to view or listen to my liked tracks history.

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