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Isaias Borrego

Apr 22, 2024

Los funadores funan en la funa

esta app es mas fea que ver morir a tu familia

karen rice

Apr 20, 2024

people mess with me

please leave me alone i need my phone for school to find place to leave me alone

Kai Davies

Apr 17, 2024


mate how can you implement a keybind to turn chrome grey and then let people accidentally click it and spend the next hour struggling to turn chrome back to white. THE EXTENSION ISNT EVEN ON ?????? honestly not your best work mate do better

Ryan Enk

Mar 25, 2024

M365 Office Web Apps Incompatible

When editing files using any of the Microsoft 365 Office web apps the black colors are switched to grayscale colors, but the white remain white. So what happens is that the backgrounds stay white, and the text changes to very light grey.

I've confirmed this issue occurs in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio in Chrome.

What I would expect to happen is for the white colors to change to black, and for black to change to white but this is not the case.


Mar 14, 2024

Not applicable For all users for any purpose

Ryomen Sukuna

Mar 11, 2024

i cant fix the contrast

all my websites turned into white cuz i changed the contrast i turned it back but its not working

erfan yarali

Mar 1, 2024

ب قسط پرواز.سقوط را تجربه کن

برنامه هوش مصنوعی از کجا نصب کنم کجا میشه پیدا کرد یا خریدش.ضعیفم

Mitchell McClure

Feb 16, 2024

GMail sluggish.:

GMail seems a bit sluggish lately, with DR enabled...?


Feb 14, 2024

다크 모드가 적용 안됩니다.

다음 경우에 다크 모드가 적용되지 않습니다.
1. 크롬 웹 스토어
2. 구글 검색 시 생성형 AI 검색창
3. 크롬 브라우저 홈버튼 페이지에서 검색창


Feb 11, 2024

Google chrome generative AI

This application is not compatible with the Generative AI features available on Google Chrome.

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