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Bryan Tan

Sep 2, 2023

it doesn't work on me

here's the one that i found working.


Aug 5, 2023

Conflict with another plugin

So far I think this is the most comfortable dark mode plugin i tried.
But I noticed it has an issue with "Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker".

(Keepa let's you see the price history on every Amazon product. shown as a big box in every product page)

Dark Night Mode turns the keepa box to dark even if I whitelist


Oct 11, 2021


Hi there. How do you enable the blacklist mode? It says that it is on the settings page but I don't see it.

Sohan Shah

Jul 13, 2021



Sohan Shah

Jul 13, 2021


This is trash

Jake Coan

May 30, 2021

does nothing

hello. i just installed this for chrome. its does nothing when i activate it on a site, or slide the slider. how do i make it work?

asif hossain

Feb 20, 2021


unalble to add extensions and themes to chrome

Azmi Anuar

Jan 24, 2021

Its blocking or blacking out images on Pinterest

hope to update or fix soon.


Jan 7, 2020


For some reason Facebook is coming up differently from what's in your screenshot. The entire comment sections are white and the peoples names are a dull grey, like someone who is no longer in a group, only lighter, so are very hard to read. I want to use this extension given the "flashes" when loading new pages are gone like you explain, which is the best part for me, but this facebook issue means I'm looking for something else... If it's fixable the that's fantastic because I'd love to continue using Dark Night. Thanks


Nov 2, 2019

Suggestion: Hotkey to Turn Dark Night Mode On/Off

I think the only thing that is missing from this extension is a hotkey to turns the dark mode on and off. In the shortcuts menu, the shortcut activates the extension, then you have to "Tab" your way to the Off/Auto/On toggle. It is a bit cumbersome when you want to activate the extension quickly. Cheers!

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