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Laurie Bryant

Jun 24, 2023


I've just noticed it doesn't seem to work with Netflix with subtitles. I've been watching a show in Norwegian with English subtitles (Ragnarok in case it helps) and any time there should be subtitles (i.e. when they're talking), the whole screen goes dark grey. Tried turning off this extension for Netflix only and it works fine, so really it's just an FYI, nothing serious.


Jun 6, 2023

It doesn't work very well on bilibili

bpx-player-sending-bar are still white when i open dark mode
hope to fix this problem as soon as possible, thank you :)

Roido Asakura

Aug 30, 2022

Include Chrome Web Store and we're good bro fr

The ability to dark mode chrome web store would be so good rn cause it's blinding just by writing this.

Maksim Chetvernia

May 30, 2022

Circular progress bars inversion

Please, add color inversion for GIFs of circular progress bars and loading indicators

Batty Boa

Jan 16, 2022


Since recent the Yotube Channel Top Banner doesn't show up anymore. I had to turn it off on Youtube for that Reason.
Aside that, this Extension is cool. Thank you.

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