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Beerendra kumar Sahu

May 12, 2024


Sir me apne phone par thim ka stemal kyo nahi kar pa raha hu

Scott Hardin

Mar 1, 2023

Add custom input for URL

Please add the option to type in URLs to filter use. Extension works great on a ticketing webpage but when opening an email into new window some of the font choices are inverted incorrectly. They use the same host URL but after the .com is unique. Adding the ability to work on .com/View* and to block .com/Notify* would allow me to successfully toggle options for specific parts of the website.


chase carter

Jun 22, 2022

Now it's totally BROKEN, nice job 👍🤣🤦‍♂️

lol, now colors inverting doesn't work at all !!! 🤦‍♂️
we were waiting so much long with that terrible beta version to get now totally BROKEN extension at all, facepalm. I'm done, go looking for another one

Chris Jackson

Apr 23, 2022

java script shockwave

cannot open java script or shockwave files

chase carter

Feb 5, 2022

When will be new version???

How long wait an update to fix all this horror in alpha-version?

chase carter

Jan 25, 2022

Last update broke everything!

Last update (3.0-alpha) broke extension! It doesn't work properly, it 'partially' work on some websites even when i turn if off (in extension)!

Shawn Hofer

Dec 28, 2021

Can't select particular websites to switch darkmode off or on

There are two options, one to switch the extension on or off on every website, and the other to turn it off and on within a particular website.

The second option doesn't work. I cannot add any website to become an exception. The button does nothing at all, and the tab under websites is blank.

Kelvin Ang

Nov 7, 2021

Unable to switch between "Dynamic theme" and "Invert colors"

Unable to switch between "Dynamic theme" and "Invert colors".
In addition, may I suggest that the text highlight of "Dynamic theme" can follow the one in "Invert colors" for better visibility?

Ahmed Z

Sep 28, 2021

After yesterday's upgrade various issues

--When I turn off invert colors for a website the text field is black and unreadable and I have to disable the extension.
--Export of sites doesn't work.
--The top toggle between night/day doesn't stay. It seems to reset after refresh of configuration page.
--"Something went wrong. Try reloading the page." error at the top

I tried re-installing with the same issue.

Jesse Gilbride

Jun 8, 2021

Extension doesn't quite work on

Whitelisting doesn't affect the rendered pen. Maybe because the pen's code comes from a different domain (CDN)?

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