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Bryan Tan

Sep 2, 2023

not working

here try this one. it works on me 10/10

Elise Saenz

Apr 5, 2023

Appears not to be working on Chrome anymore

When clicking the extension icon to shift between modes, nothing happens.

John Weiss

Jun 5, 2022

Some images are inverted

When set to "5. inverted colors, reduced contrast, normal images", some images are inverted. See Any fix?

Rohith K

Oct 16, 2020

Not working

I added the extension, but not working. Kindly help


Jul 23, 2020


It always tell me that the download failed

John Weiss

Jun 7, 2020

Disabled Mode Isn't Disabled

Nice extension! Great choices, great size. But Disabled Mode doesn't work.

Rangel Moreira Fischer

May 14, 2020

Default mode not working

I set default mode to 4(original) and the pages init in dark mode.

Win10 pro. 10.0.18363.
Chrome: 81.0.4044.138 (official) 64 bits

Aldo Smuve

Mar 11, 2020

day/night schedule timer

Any chance of creating an option to choose a time for auto change to white/light background for daytime and for dark mode for night? I find myself constantly manually changing for daytime etc. that would make this extension perfect! thank you so much

Aldo Smuve

Feb 8, 2020


your extension for dark mode is the best I have found. I would like to know how to donate : )

Sheikh U

Nov 24, 2019

Butto not displaying

Button not displaying,ive had no problem for a while but it just stopped showing

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