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Deepak Pandit

Mar 18, 2024

job discus

As I see on the message, there are a lot of
to the engineer
Will it be difficult to get a job? Is this true?

Carlos Coreas (carlito)

Mar 11, 2024

support for brave browser not working?

I noticed on my brave browser has no support or has errors. Chrome browser has support. What I noticed is that on Brave the login/create profile buttons do not load. On the console, I see no response from "url": " I have disabled the brave shields from the browser and no effect.

c lv

Mar 20, 2023

The tab name on edge is "New Tab", do you forget modify it?

The tab name on edge is "New Tab", do you forget modify it?

Adenekan Martin (Olami)

Mar 15, 2023

Request Flooding

Have you ever tried switching off your internet and check the number of request ping this plugin send per sec? I have tried, and it scares me that is why i had to disable it. It consumes too much resources if I have many tabs opened and network drops...Kindly reduce the timeout

Robbie Crenshaw

Jan 24, 2023

Extension causes issues with a website

So I had the chrome extension installed and I went to and tried to log into my account and got an error, after debugging the help through Twitch support, I disabled the extension and then I was able to log into Is this an issue I need to bring up here or with

Franco Traversaro

Jan 24, 2023

The new page stopped working

Probably after upgrading chrome to the latest version, on linux, the new page stopped working. In the console I see this error:

newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'image')
at newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:1:67270
at b.t [as constructor] (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:123356)
at b.D [as render] (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:118190)
at N (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:115717)
at C (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:112307)
at T (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:117388)
at N (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:116132)
at C (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:112307)
at N (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:115950)
at C (newtab.bundle.js?bf7cd3d73527137f72a9:822:112307)

Harshit Mehta

Nov 21, 2022

Great work!

I liked the concept but worried about the level of access, use of data & permissions.
It's a must-have for devs, but based on the old extension framework.
When is the manifest v3 version coming out?


Nov 21, 2022

Feature request

can we add way to display feed from one discover source like it only show from Specific sources like only from "GitHub, product hunt, GitLab" Thank you

Usman Sharif Gujjar

Aug 1, 2022

How can I login?

It's a great app but I can't login if I am already registered. it says "email already registered" but where is the login link, if I am already registered (I am trying to login into new computer)??

Ryan Galvão

Oct 8, 2021

Feature Implementation Contribution: Portuguese Language (ABNT)

Hi, I really like the feature, but I feel the need for Portuguese versions, how about joining forces? Contact us if so!

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