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Eugenio Magdalena

Oct 24, 2023



Dec 3, 2022


i just bought a one month plan and after payment its still inactive! please activate me ASAP i need it....

Jeff Birks

Jun 14, 2022


The box at the top will only give me 4 countries and im been blocked from all betting sites Any help please

Hannah Bell

Mar 23, 2022

not safe

I switch to different cleaner extension that is very great and totally safe.


Jan 21, 2021

Extension Icon non responsive

Extension Icon non responsive

Pauluz The Web Gnome

Jan 21, 2021

Just wonderful!!!!!!

This apps is a lifesaver for me as a webdezigner!
I need to clear cookies to test certain plugins, and this makes it soooo much easier!
Thanks you for this extension!
All the best!

Kenneth Smoke

Jan 20, 2021

Not removing cookies

I still have the same amount of cookies in my cache after:
removing all cookies (ALL TIME/BROWSER) with the exception of my whitelist?

marty c

Oct 13, 2020

Stopped working on one site?

Hi, LOVE your extension, thank you so much!! I've noticed that isn't working anymore. Instead of a full article I can only read an abbreviated article, even in incognito.

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