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Apr 25, 2023

so many bugs

I have all categories set to skip and acceleration is turned off but a lot of the time videos will randomly start playing at like 500% speed for no reason, it won't even be at the point that i've cut itll just do it. On several videos the extension is just completely broken, the panel wont show up and my shortcuts dont work.. so not only can i not make new cuts on those videos i also cant remove old ones. Also, for some reason the "move" button is like always broken, im very rarely able to move the panel around my screen bc of this.


Feb 9, 2020


how to save the spillted video in the pc ? there is written "saved locally" in extension but i searched in my video folder no video is there ):


Feb 25, 2019

Works, except for looped videos

The extension works perfect for one time play. But when you loop a video, it will not automatically pick up the skipped settings (it actually ignores the skipped settings and continues to play over the skipped parts). For some purposes this could be a problem and I hope this will be fixed. For auto looping videos it could be a problem when you each time (at the start of each loop) need to click the time line again (from then it will start to apply the skipped settings again). Hope the bug is clear enough described this way (let me know if I need to clarify).

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