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Jennifer Bernhard

Nov 8, 2022

Customize Facebook Style available in Chrome Web Store : NEED '*1*' QUESTION ANSWERED BEFORE I TAKE THE PLUNGE & DOWNLOAD THIS......

Good Evening!
I was on my Chrome Web Store and I came across the genre of apps., that allows an individual to change color & theme on their FB. I immediately became interested! It was definitely something I am interested in doing, and it appears to be a process that should be relatively quick (& hopefully simple as well! ;).
Back in 2020 u had a user very pleased with ur app, leaving a great rating + detailed review. IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING this was extremely USEFUL correspondence indicating an issue that needed IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. Apparently ur app had somehow became hijacked & hacked, infesting it with porn. Though I didn't read ur replies during this correspondence, I DID however notice that you in no way ignored what this user had said, bc I could see all 3 paragraphs he wrote in the midst of this correspondence, all had replies from you. Although ur replies to each of these weren't visible, I could clearly see that you did indeed reply to them.
Due to nature of this issue my 1st reaction was to ASSUME that bc this was from 2020, that an issue such as this one, that could possibly affect ( &infect) your users property, even if that property is their apps., that it would've been immediately addressed & fixed, once again making this app 100%cleaned up, safe & restored in its entirety. However, whenever I make the mistake of 'ASSUMING' anything, I usually regret it. Therefore I need to know that this issue has been rectified in its entirety. This includes eliminating ANY possible of reoccurrence of issue, as well as taking precautionary measures to ensure that in the future the possibility that any possibly vulnerabilities are completely eliminated. Although it was 2-3 yrs ago that the issue was brought to ur attention, the nature of the issue if not handled correctly, as well as thoroughly, would have definitely recurred in the years to follow. The only responsible & acceptable resolution would've been to make ANY TRACE of this issue non-existent. It's also the only way you could guarantee the safety of ur app., & prevent ur user's chromebook's & apps from becoming possibly infected themselves.
At ur earliest convenience please advise if all of the above has been successfully rectified & eliminated, and if it is safe for me to download ur app. There are 3-4 other apps like this one, however I was impressed most by urs which is why I'm taking the time to write you this for verification that the app is completely safe & cleaned up, and that overall this issue is and remains NON-EXISTENT!
Thank you in advance for ur help and verification of this. I look fwd to reading ur reply!


Jennifer Bernhard

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