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Dec 20, 2023

Suggested features

Suggested features that will improve user experience:

(i) A dark theme for the pop-up control panel:
(ii) The compact view for the pop-up is still quite large and could be further reduced in size.
(iii) The ability to disable extensions by merely clicking on their icon/name in the "Active" panel instead of having to click on the "green/grey" buttons.
(iv) The ability to export and import profiles (with selected extensions)

Molly Hutt

Jul 29, 2023

A few suggestions

- Be able to add/remove items from lists through the main menu
- Option to create main menu groups for organization as opposed to turning things on and off (it would be easier to find some extensions if similar ones were all in one spot rather than alphabetized)
- "Hide" some active extensions by moving them to the bottom of the list or a separate, collapsible section (for things you rarely turn on or off)
- Short description of each extension pulled from the Chrome Web Store page (alternately, ability to add a note or tags to each one)
- It would be really cool if we could see when we last actually used each extension. I'm sure I'm not the only one who downloads extensions and forgets they exist.


Jun 13, 2023

Feature Request

Be able to pin extensions through this extension manager.


Jun 13, 2023

Feature Request

Be able to pin extensions through this extension manager.

Valerie Bruce

May 29, 2023

No longer turning groups off

As another user posted, the toggle is no longer turning groups on/off. They remain on, with the button never turning green. Worked fine until today. I am using Android Kiwi Next Dev build. Had no problems with release. Updated to the latest version on GitHub to see if it changed things, but still not working:

Also running Adguard with Kiwi left unfiltered.

Editing groups has been problematic as well for some time, for reasons others have noted.


May 12, 2023

Turn on/off extension groups

The button to turn on/off extension groups was working for a long time.

It not longer does anything. That's the primary feature, imo!

giiska e

May 10, 2023

order Inactive extensions by operated date

Great extension, I used another one but it became bugly as Chrome upgrads.

A small feature request: Can you provide order Inactive extensions by operated date (I want recent disabled extension be on the top) ?

Andy Pakula

Apr 12, 2023

Can't edit groups.

As others described, choosing edit groups and then selecting a group to edit doesn't provide an interface where group-specific editing can be done.

Are there any known causes of this problem? Incompatible extensions perhaps?


Mar 26, 2023

About dark theme

Could the dark theme add into the setting for selection?

Prathap BN

Mar 12, 2023

Not able to edit groups

I am on chrome 110.0.5481.100 (Official Build) (x86_64) on mac 10.13.6
When I click 'Edit group' nothing happens

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