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Xavier Weber

May 9, 2023


How can I use this tool if the file is so small that it finishes downloading so fast I can't 'cancel' it?

Benson Lee

Apr 5, 2023

AddOn Freeze

Hello, I noticed that the browser freezes frequently with the new version. Is there anything I can possibly check to understand what is causing it?

Thank you!

Keitaro Ofc

Aug 23, 2022

Copy to clipboard

I hope this add-on has the feature of copying urls directly to clipboard. Awesome add-ons.

Xinbo LU

Dec 2, 2021

Received empty file when trying to download a Onedrive folder

The extension works fine with onedrive shared file. Thanks for your efforts! But when I'm located inside a shared onedrive folder, in a browser I could click download and onedrive will zip all files inside the folder and allow me to download that zip file. After the download dialog pop up, I click CurlWget and get the command, but it turns out to be a 405 error or an empty file. Here are two sample shared folders to reproduce the error.!AmPZtZzp0Fc2p3Ne-LS5pnWZ_P3d?e=O3fsex

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