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O Salah

Apr 16, 2023

Ctrl+Tab MRU issues

Thanks for that great extension.
I encounter the following issues:
1. Tabs moved from other windows don't appear in the list
2. Sometimes, a tab for the extension appears in the list

Leo Semenov

Apr 8, 2023

Used this extension for years, but it stopped working recently

I never cared about CTRL+Y which still works. I was using it because it returned me to most recent tab after I closed current tab. Now I close tab and go to the next tab. At first restarting Chrome helped but not for long. Now even restart/remove.reinstall is not helpful. I suspect Chrome update did that...

Tremen Do

Nov 16, 2020

Can't switch to suspended tabs


I am using this extension together with the The great suspender extension ( When tabs get suspended they are removed from the tab list and I cant rely on the MRU order :/

It would be nice if the tab stayed in the list and you could switch to it and then it would re-load, like it does when you click to focus a suspended tab :)

Kevin H

Apr 26, 2019

Provide Donation option

This extension makes me soooo happy and this missing option kept me away from fast browsers for a long time! Now I can finally use them with your extension and I would love to thank you for that. What about a `Paypal Buy me a beer` link or something similar to that? You could just add it to the description.

Pablo Ávila

Aug 20, 2018

Doesn't Work

It keeps switching to the tab order, not the recently used tab.

Vitaliy Tkachenko

Mar 29, 2018

Just doesn't work

I don't understand... Am I alone with this? It just doesn't work at all, windows are switched as usual, no windows menu appeared on CTRL+TAB.

Hugh Hyatt

Jan 10, 2018

Missing tabs

Under various conditions, some described in other users' submissions, only a few of my open tabs appear in the list of MRU tabs. It makes this extension useless to me, for all practical purposes.

Dmitriy Titov

Nov 16, 2017

Many chrome windows

I have more then one Chrome window and the extension works only in one of them. Could you fix that?

Dani Fernàndez

Oct 23, 2017

Popup doesn't disappear in google document tab

First of all, thanks for the extension. It works as expected except when you switch to previous tab in a google document page (in spreadsheet it works well).

To reproduce it just create a google document from your drive and try to switch to other tab. The popup appears as expected, but you will notice that when you release the keys, the popup doesn't disappear and the tab isn't switched at all. However, as the popup remains visible, you can click with the mouse on it and it switches to the clicked tab.

The bad behaviour doesn't happen all the time. It seems it has some relation with editing the document, because if you switch from any tab to google document and you don't click in the document to focus it, the switching works well. But if you do click on the document to focus it, the bad behaviour happens again.

Hope you can solve it.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 29, 2017

Options disabled

My menu for Options is disabled, how do I enable it?

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