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Sep 23, 2023

is it supporting mobile view ?

can we track same font dimension for moblie view also

Deep mishra

Jun 19, 2022

Unable this tools

I have unable to open this, not working

Krystyna Gordon

Dec 26, 2020

Doesn't show up on top of fixed menus

Hello! I absolutely love your plugin. I was wondering if there will be a fix to show the CSSViewer over fixed menus. I've noticed consistently when I try to use the extension on a website that has a fixed, scrolling top navigation menu, the viewer is hidden behind it. Is there maybe a setting I need to activate to change and affect the z-index of the plugin?

ri rony

Oct 11, 2020

google index


Gabriel Velez

Feb 12, 2020

Does not work with elements in an IFrame

When you hover over an IFrame with the viewer on it doesn't show the elements inside but the entire IFrame instead

Mehmet Arkın Gürbüz

Jan 13, 2018

there is some problem line and height lines...

cssviewer have some promlems... not showing real line and heihgt size...

Mehmet Arkın Gürbüz

Jan 13, 2018

line ve height satırları

maalesef line ve height satırları sürekli aynı hata var...

Prashant kulkarni

Aug 16, 2017


1)option to copy element and sub element name to clipboard should be given
2) REDUCE height as some times it get capped.


May 5, 2017

Available Options

1. Context-Menu Toggle (On/Off)

2. collapse/expand the widget.
(thats great to view all css parameters, but not at all!)

3. Customize keyboard shortcuts
(e.g. : typed in search-bar!)


Meagan O'Hara

Mar 13, 2017

Copy CSS Properties

Can you please add a feature to copy the CSS properties to be pasted elsewhere? Perhaps let us select/highlight only the ones we'd like to copy & then have a copy button? As is, the box displaying the CSS disappears as soon as we scroll away to use another application which makes it very difficult to manually copy the CSS.

Many thanks!

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