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Wells Kenny

Jan 29, 2017

how does it work

it doesnt even help me 1 star only

Nikul Vaghani

Dec 13, 2016

add in chrome

i can't add this extension and and every time it ask me for "reload".
plz solution....

Artur Katrushko

Sep 17, 2016

Default Values

Add please the ability to set all values to default.
It's tedious and time-consuming doing it to each value.


Artur Katrushko

Sep 17, 2016


I noticed that at tab 'Box Model' -> 'Box Shadow' Horizontal Offset Value changes element's position by vertical axis.

Screen with this issue

Fix it please.



Feb 16, 2016

new versions?


"Updated: July 9, 2014"

New versions, updates?

Thank you

Λԁәl dz

Jul 20, 2015

إختفاء # من بعض الاجزاء

فيها خطألاكن يمكنني إصلاحها يدويا مثل إختفاء علامة #

أعمالي بها تتوفر هنا

هذه الإضافة مفيدة جداً شكرا لكم

Patricio (Pato) Barrientos

Jan 28, 2015

Transitions not working

It seems the transitions are disabled. They don't work when hovering on the test element.

Andrii Akulov

Nov 7, 2014


Hi. Transitions does not work on hover.

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