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Karl Liebethal

Feb 4, 2020

Error message for

"getStyleSheets: SecurityError: Failed to read the 'cssRules' property from 'CSSStyleSheet': Cannot access rules"

Why does it not work? on other websites of me it works properly.

Luca Capuozzo

May 15, 2019

not working anymore

not working anymore

Junaid Ahmed

Mar 23, 2017

Worked only once

it only worked once after adding or it lacks a interactive interface to re run

Barry Fogarty

Nov 15, 2016


As other users have reported, an alert with the message 'findElements: TypeError: items[i].className.split is not a function' appears as soon as you clieck on the icon.

Petr Hrnčíř

Oct 18, 2016

No longer works

Hi, the plugin no longer works, after clicking the icon in Chrome I get popup "findElements: TypeError: items[i].className.split is not a function". Reinstalling did not help.

Ext Guru

Jul 30, 2016

Partnership request

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David Moore

Jul 26, 2016

Error Message

I receive the following error message when attempting to use the extension.

findElements: TypeError: items[i].className.split is not a function

Simple page that I am attempting to optimize the CSS delivered.

Robert Zalinyan

Mar 30, 2016

For whole website

Is there any way to remove the unused css rules for the whole website not for the opened webpage?

David Fallows (Dj Dash)

Mar 26, 2016

Please help a inexperienced user

I have run my page
through insights and it performed terribly,
apparently i need my CSS to be removed and realigned, also add compression...
i know my CSS is terrible since i did a crash course having to use it for mobile friendly type sites.
PLEASE Help, ill write reviews everywhere.

Raul Peixoto

Jan 20, 2016

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