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Mohammed Mohammed

Jun 13, 2024


الإضافة غير متوفرة حاليا

Gang Gang

Oct 25, 2023

Cause I don't know

How do I make this my default browser or make it this crypto tab browser.

Alex Bazilescu

Oct 10, 2023

implement better on M1

m1 macbook

Alemuddin Abduleziz

Apr 27, 2023


Cryptotabstart process

Helmut E Weiss

Apr 24, 2023

Lost my old account mining For few years can you send me my Information for old mining link.and my refferal s linknk also 1 refferal Carol A Weiss

For few years can you send me my Information for old mining link also 1 refferal Carol A Weiss.

Thank you Helmut E Weiss

Joshua Farmer

Feb 26, 2023

custom widget scripts?

I'm looking to use widgets on my desktop from Coinstats. They give me this script code and I don't know what to do with it. Does this allow me to add custom scripts to make my own widgets?

Melika Jafari

Jan 18, 2023

cryptotab extension

my cryptotab extension has stopped working since about 3weeks ago. please check the problem and fix it.
thank you

Grant Chapman

Dec 20, 2022

Bug with Weather Widget

On the home screen a little widget shows the BTC price in the bottom left and the Local Temperature in the bottom right.

Here is the problem-
I have London UK set as my default location and the temp (17 Degrees C.) hasn't changed for months. When I click on it and it starts updating it doesn't change / update?

I've opened and closed the browser many times.

The temp displayed hasn't changed since the end of summer?

Зоя Макова

Aug 10, 2022

О входе в аккаунт

Как совершить вход в аккаунт? Вверху справа страницы есть иконка моего аккаунта. При нажатии на нее выходит сообщение ".вход не выполнен". Не могу попасть на свою домашнюю страницу. Опишите пошаговый алгоритм входа. Эта музыка уже больше года... Уже обращалась в поддержку, реакция ноль. Что за дела тупые?

Penny S.

Aug 5, 2022


Cryptotab Start has been disabled and I cannot re-enable it? Did you do this because I told the truth about not making any money on your programs?? Because if you do that to everyone who has a problem with your programs, you won't have any customers.

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