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Jul 13, 2023

Please add USD fiat currency to the tracker

This would be very helpful. Thanks!

bearatthenorthpole “This Old Miner”

May 26, 2023

Great app but could you add by list ranking plz

Great app but could you add option by list ranking plz thx :)

Ray W

Jan 11, 2023

Options page doesn't let me do anything and just stalls out.

I can't click on anything in the options page, it shows up but just stalls and times out if I try to click on anything. I have Ad block turned off but doesn't help.


Dec 24, 2022


Hi, Just wondering if you could add some sort of sorting order either by clicking on the column and have it sort alphabetically by the coin code i.e. ADA, BAT, BTC, ETH etc. Or by allowing manual dragging of each coin up or down the list.

Great extension thanks


Dec 17, 2020


only bitcoin will appear when i click on the extension


May 11, 2020

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jesse h

May 12, 2019

fiat pairs and calculator

would be cool if you could add a calculator. Like how much bitcoin is 500$. Also if you could add fiat currencies. Like what is 1 USD in canadian dollars. I know i can set it to all the prices showing in CAD and maybe look at tether or whatever, but I can't have it in USD and see what the price of CAD is.

Philipp Ringli

Dec 5, 2018

I am not seeing rates when I have CHF selected

I don't see any numbers when CHF is set.

Gabriel Ferrer

Dec 5, 2018

Hello how i can donate you a piece of litecoin, if you can send your litecoin adress to i send

=P =p Thanks for this nice product i use everyday to help you continue this nice project i want donate

Samer Bakkar

Nov 7, 2018

update interval

I would like to thank you first for this pretty beautiful work, and I would suggest giving the user the ability to set the update time interval.

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