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Apr 4, 2024

Would like a shortcut for 'home' en lieu of 'scroll to top'

Would like to setup a gesture for the Home Button instead of Scroll to top. Some websites don't behave the same with the current option.


Mar 20, 2024

please select gesture action

please select gesture action


Mar 8, 2024

The extension eats up all the RAM

After startup, Chrome runs for a few seconds and then stops responding. The browser then leaks all available RAM, causing the computer to stop working. Tests with disabling extensions led to the conclusion that disabling your extension will solve this problem.

pasu 11

Feb 7, 2024

Icons do not show up in Linux

In Linux system, L.png is not l.png. When the addons calls R.png to show the right arrow icon, it fails to load because there is only r.png in the folder and it is not considered as R.png. Same happens to L.png, U.png and D.png. I had to copy and paste each to a capital name clone image.
I am not sure if this effect other icons since I only need to see the super drag direction.

x5 zigzag

Feb 6, 2024

open in background doesn't work any more

Super Drag always open link in foreground tab. v6.0.4
Can't save setting changes on Microsoft Edge.

Mono Mono

Feb 6, 2024

After the latest update CrxMouse seems to have stopped working on all sites

I have been using and loving CrxMouse Gestures for a long time now, many many years, but for unknown reasons the gestures simply stopped working on some sites starting with version 6.0.2 and on all sites after I updated to 6.0.4. Unclear if this is because of a change in Chrome or if it is a change in CrxMouse or if another extension is somehow interfering. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Youtube Dot com

Feb 6, 2024

just wondering

can you Launch a site with this cuz it will be a most needed important feature

Ivan Džal

Jan 19, 2024

When you drag assets it starts to watch for gestures

Dragging links/images ( which is a left click action) also watches for gestures. This seems like a bug!

Jason Goossens

Jan 11, 2024


Love the plugin!! I have a suggestion: would it be useful to have a url exclusion list? A list of url's for which the plugin will not be enabled? When using Tinkercad, I have to disable it, but then it's globally disabled...

All the best,


Nov 2, 2023

Context menu appears after gesture

The context menu always appears after a gesture in Chrome. Is there a way to prevent this?

Google apps