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Jan 19, 2020


Hey! I've been looking around for an third party option to suggest this to as crunchyroll doesnt seem like they are ever going to implement it, i would love it if you would get back to me if you are going to look at adding it so i can recommend your extension to all my friends. I think users (including me) would even pay a dollar or two to have this available in the extension. Feature: the ability to set a video to start and end at a custom time. So for example, im currently on school holidays and binging one piece. the biggest pain in the ass is having to get off my bed and go over to the tv to skip the end credits, go the the next video and skip the intro. If there was a way to set it so that each time a new episode was loaded the player would skip ahead to, say, 3 minutes in to get past the intro and recap and also at around 18min skip to the last second of the video so that the player skips to the next episode. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST FEATURE I COULD EVER THINK OF!!!!! Also i think it would be pretty hard but also a way for the player to stay full screen as it swaps to the next episode. Please get back to me at AriuS#1447 (Discord) :)

Lennert Googus

Jan 4, 2019

I have reborn the extension.

Robert Cooper

Oct 7, 2018

CR enhanced has stopped working

I'm sure you've already heard, but it looks like CR has changed their queue page so the Enhancements are no longer working. I'm just wondering if you are going to be able to fix this, as it's an extension that I've been using daily! Thanks!

Smea Gol (Smeagol001)

Oct 5, 2018

currently watching doesnt work anymore

sinel begiinning of october the enhacement of the queue doesnt work anymore


Oct 4, 2018

In regard to the last 2 posts.

It seems to be due to a change in how CrunchyRoll is handling HTTPS. Using a slightly older version of Chrome, also effected.

Casey Heckethorn

Oct 4, 2018

No longer working.

As of 10/3/18, this extension is no longer splitting the queue into its convenient tabs. I am guessing Crunchyroll changed the queue page somehow.

Zachary Hammond

Oct 3, 2018


All of the sudden, CR Enhanced isn't segmenting my queue anymore, figured I may have clicked on something to make this happen, so I checked in options and I haven't disabled the private queue. Not sure what I am doing wrong but even removing and re-adding fixed it.

Vitor Marinho

May 16, 2018


You can put the option to add a subs that is on the computer?

Jared Frisco

Jan 13, 2017


When I go to add the extension to chrome it's asking for permission to read and change data on all the pages I visit, if I'm not mistaken this addon only needs that permission for crunchyroll and chrome supports permissions for single sites? If what I said is true I'd like to suggest making the permission only apply to crunchyroll as that's my only reservation of adding it to chrome right now. Thanks!

Andrew D

Mar 16, 2016

Fix headerbar to top

Enabling option sets Z-layer of content above profile popup menu making all options masked and unclickable.

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