Crunchyroll ማስታወቂያ ማገጃ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 5 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 1 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 2 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 3 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 4 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 5 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 1 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 1 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 2 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 3 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 4 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ
ንጥል ሚዲያ 5 ቅጽበታዊ ገፅ ዕይታ


በCrunchyroll Ad Blocker ቅጥያ የአኒም ዥረት ልምድዎን ያሳድጉ። የሚረብሹ ማስታወቂያዎች ሳይቆራረጡ በመመልከት ይደሰቱ።

Crunchyroll Ad Blocker (Unofficial Extension) - Enhance Your Anime Experience with Ad-Free Streaming Are you tired of pesky advertisements interrupting your anime binge-watching sessions on Crunchyroll? Say goodbye to distractions and immerse yourself fully in the captivating world of Japanese animation with Crunchyroll Ad Blocker. This innovative Chrome Web Store extension is specifically designed to optimize your Crunchyroll experience by eliminating intrusive ads, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted streaming every time you tune in. Key Features: 1) Ad-Free Streaming: Enjoy uninterrupted anime viewing without the annoyance of advertisements popping up during crucial moments. 2) Seamless Integration: Easily install Crunchyroll Ad Blocker as a Chrome extension and seamlessly integrate it into your Crunchyroll streaming platform. 3) Enhanced Performance: Experience smoother and more efficient streaming sessions as ads are blocked, allowing you to focus solely on the anime content you love. 4) Customizable Settings: Tailor the ad-blocking settings to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and optimized viewing experience. 5) User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive interface, Crunchyroll Ad Blocker is easy to use for users of all skill levels. 6) Privacy Protection: Rest assured that your browsing activities remain private and secure, enhancing your overall online experience. Why Choose Crunchyroll Ad Blocker? 1) Uninterrupted Viewing: Say goodbye to interruptions caused by advertisements and enjoy seamless anime streaming from start to finish. 2) Enhanced User Experience: Eliminate distractions and immerse yourself fully in the world of anime with Crunchyroll Ad Blocker. 3) Increased Productivity: Spend more time enjoying your favorite anime series and less time waiting for ads to pass. 4) Privacy Assurance: Protect your online privacy while streaming anime content on Crunchyroll with the added security provided by Crunchyroll Ad Blocker. Whether you're catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite series or exploring new titles, Crunchyroll Ad Blocker ensures that nothing detracts from your anime viewing experience. Install now and elevate your Crunchyroll streaming sessions to new heights of enjoyment and immersion! Disclaimer: Crunchyroll Ad Blocker is a Chrome Web Store extension designed solely for the purpose of enhancing the user experience on the Crunchyroll streaming platform by blocking advertisements. While every effort is made to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the ad-blocking functionality, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted or error-free streaming due to potential changes in website structure or ad-serving mechanisms. Users are advised to use Crunchyroll Ad Blocker responsibly and in accordance with the terms of service of Crunchyroll. Additionally, please note that this extension is not affiliated with or endorsed by Crunchyroll Inc. Disclosure/Consent: Crunchyroll Ad Blocker enhances your browsing experience by providing useful features and participating in affiliate programs. This helps sustain the service without affecting the cost of your purchases. Explicit consent is required before any affiliate code is applied, and you have full control over this feature. Learn more in our Privacy Policy (, Terms of Use (, and Affiliate Disclosure ( Thank you for choosing Crunchyroll Ad Blocker. We are committed to continually improving your online experience.

4.9 ከ566 የደረጃ ድልድሎች

Google ግምገማዎችን አያረጋግጥም። ስለውጤቶች እና ግምገማዎች የበለጠ ይወቁ።


  • ስሪት
  • ተዘመኗል
    14 ጁን 2024
  • መጠን
  • ቋንቋዎች
    54 ቋንቋዎች
  • ገንቢ
    ድር ጣቢያ
  • ነጋዴ-ያልሆነ
    ይህ ገንቢ ራሱን እንደ አንድ ነጋዴ አልለየም። በአውሮፓ ህብረት ውስጥ ላሉ ሸማቾች እባክዎ የሸማቾች መብቶች በእርስዎ እና በዚህ ገንቢ መካከል ባሉ ውሎች ላይ እንደማይተገበሩ ልብ ይበሉ።


ገንቢው የእርስዎን ውሂብ እንደማይሰበስብ ወይም እንደማይጠቀም ይፋ አውጥቷል። የበለጠ ለማወቅ የገንቢውን የግላዊነት መመሪያ ይመልከቱ።

ይህ ገንቢ የእርስዎ ውሂብ የሚከተሉትን መሆኑን አውጇል

  • ከጸደቁ የአጠቃቀም ሁኔታዎች ውጭ ለሦስተኛ ወገኖች እየተሸጠ እንዳልሆነ ያውጃል።
  • ከንጥሉ ዋና ተግባር ጋር ላልተያያዙ ዓላማዎች ሥራ ላይ አለመዋል ወይም አለመተላለፍ
  • የብድር ብቁነትን ለማረጋገጥ ወይም ለብድር ዓላማዎች ሥራ ላይ አለመዋል ወይም አለመተላለፍ


ይህንንም ሊወዱት ይችላሉ…

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